For hotel emergency power supply

July 28 “Naniwa Day” was published in the Nikkei Kinki Economic Edition.
Installed a solar energy storage system of Goiku Battery Co., Ltd. at Hotel Via Inn in front of Shin-Osaka Station
Delivered an in-house developed battery diagnostic management system for hotel emergency power supplies.
It can measure the battery level in real time and charge optimally.
The coverage was introduced to Nikkei.

ホテルの非常用電源に1 ホテルの非常用電源に2 ホテルの非常用電源に3 ホテルの非常用電源に4 ホテルの非常用電源に5 ホテルの非常用電源に6 ホテルの非常用電源に7 ホテルの非常用電源に8