Rapid Charging Device


Rapid Charging Device


What is Rapid Charging Device ?

The device allows for rechargable batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lead-acid batteries to be safely and securely recharged at high speeds.



Goiku Battery’s unique charging method

【Advanced I.C&C(Interrupted Charge & Check)】

Realizes “safe” and “secure” rapid charging.

Charging Method

01.Charge for 1 minute and stop for 5 seconds (to examine the EMF of the battery).

02.Repeat the above

End of charge condition

01.When the EMF voltage value reaches the end voltage.

02.When abnormal voltage is detected.

The charging method of Goiku batteries prevents overcharging and reduces the burden on the battery by charging while diagnosing EMF, thus realizing “safe” and “secure” rapid charging.

Conventional charger

Charge by CCCV charging

(Constant Current, Constant Voltage: constant current, constant voltage charging) method.

Charging Method

01.Perform CC charging at the start of charging (charging at a constant current value and increasing voltage value).

02.After the voltage reaches the set value (depending on the manufacturer), CV charging is performed (charging by decreasing the current value at a constant voltage value).

End of charge conditions

01.Time: Charging ends when the end time is reached.

02.Current: Charging ends when the end current reaches the set value.

Conventional charging methods may cause battery overcharging, which degrades the battery.



  1. The Advanced I.C&C charging method enables safe and reliable charging without overcharging thereby extending their service life.
  2. The Advanced I.C&C charging method allows more current than usual to flow through the battery by charging it while checking its electromotive force, preventing battery deterioration and enabling rapid charging.
  3. We can provide customized charging equipment with current and voltage specifications according to customer requirements.

Application Development

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)


golf cart

EV bus

Process from order to delivery

Our battery specialists will take care of everything from development to commercialization according to your company’s requirements.

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